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Teeling Summer Iced Tea

Crafted by our Global Brand Ambassador, Kevin Hurley, this refreshing summer time tipple is bursting with fresh berry tea flavours, reminiscent of your favourite childhood iced treats! Fresh summer fruits such as pink grapefruit, raspberry and vanilla dance on the tongue with a refreshing citrus and ginger kick to finish. Perfect for the long, hot summer ahead (fingers crossed!!)

Damn Fine Hot Whiskey!

Who said a hot whiskey had to be boring? This tuned-up toddy, (featured in our famous Cocktail Companion) is well worth the extra effort and makes enough portions to get you through the cold winter months!

The Ultimate Guide to the Teeling Whiskey Irish Coffee

Don’t let anyone from the west coast (of Ireland or America) tell you any different. The Irish Coffee was invented in Dublin during the 1930s by a man by the name of Michael Nugent, proprietor of what was once Dublin’s premier cocktail outlet, The Dolphin Hotel. The Dolphin, an establishment that gets a nod in Joyce’s Ulysses, was a hotbed of experimentation with exotic beverages that had emanated from the United States post prohibition.