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Teeling Whiskey’s Sustainable Journey

Since our opening in 2015, sustainability has been at the core of our philosophy here at Teeling Whiskey Company across all operations, and we are constantly looking to lead the Irish Whiskey Category when it comes to our sustainable efforts and protecting the planet, as we produce some of the World Most Awarded Irish Whiskeys. Whether it’s innovating on our secondary packing for a more carbon neutral future, or sourcing more sustainable ingredients and implementing practices from a production perspective, or even social sustainability to give back to the local community, we look to constantly improve and reduce our global footprint. Our dedication to producing a more sustainable Irish Whiskey from Dublin was recently acknowledged, being awarded most Sustainable Irish Distillery of the year!

Distilled with Care: Production Practices with a Sustainable Touch!

At Teeling Whiskey we source sustainable raw materials and implement sustainable production processes whenever possible. Initiatives to date include the installation of a rainwater harvesting system in our distillery; the use of an onsite well to reduce water consumption; and energy optimisation measures such as the harnessing of excess energy produced during the production process to heat our Visitor Centre. Equally, any of the left over spent grain from the production process is repurposed as a high quality animal feed for livestock in Ireland. Our barrels used to mature our award-winning whiskeys are also reused and repurposed on a regular basis.

Most recent updates in our Brand Home from a sustainable point of view include installing PV Solar Panels on the roof of the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. The Energy generated shall provide the building with up to 30% of its overall electricity requirements, thus reducing our reliance on conventional fossil fuels. In addition, we have recently installed a Teeling Garnish Garden on the roof of our distillery, which supplies us with the necessary ingredients for our cocktails while also providing fuel for the 500,000 bees that live on the rooftop of our distillery supplying us with Teeling Rooftop Honey. From barrel to bottle, our efforts are continually growing to do better, with bottles of Teeling whiskey now produced with 75% recycled glass and are 100% recyclable.

Proud Origin Green Member

We are very proud to be a verified Origin Green member. This pioneering programme remains the world’s only national food and drink sustainability programme that drives sustainability improvements across the entire supply chain on a national level. Wherever possible, we work with fellow Origin Green members. For example, we source our malted barley from Minch Malt (Boortmalt Ireland) and our un-malted barley comes from Glanbia who are both Origin Green certified.

Commenting on our overall sustainability measures, Jack Teeling, Managing Director says:

“As a local, craft producer, environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business model and expansion strategy. We are very honoured to be awarded Ireland’s most sustainable distillery along with being a member of the Irish Food Board Origin Green programme, which involves us committing to a continual improvement process in terms of sustainability. Ireland has a well-deserved reputation as a country with a high quality environment in an era of ever intensifying environmental threats. We take our inspiration from this well-deserved reputation and endeavour to approach sustainability with this in mind.”

Crafting Change: Social Sustainability

At Teeling Whiskey, our commitment to social sustainability extends beyond crafting exceptional whiskeys, reaching into the heart of this local community and putting value on people as much as the product, all to make a positive impact. Since we opened the doors to our distillery in 2015, we have always strived to support local businesses and collaborate with smaller companies in the area. Some of our continued partnerships to date include Dot Brew, Oriel Sea, Olly’s Farm, Keoghs Crips, Proper Chocolate, but to name a few. Through strategic partnerships and dedicated initiatives, we have supports various community projects, contributing to education, healthcare, and social welfare. Some recent projects in social sustainability include foresting areas across multiple locations in Ireland with native Irish tree species coupled with our newest limited Single Pot Still series, the Teeling Wonders of Wood. This was work conducted in association with the Tree Council of Ireland.

Additionally, we also continue to pride ourselves in the charity initiatives we do as a company on a yearly basis. Whether contributing to education programs, healthcare facilities, or social welfare projects, Teeling Whiskey exemplifies a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. Some charities we have supported to date include Penny Diners, Solas Project, Capuchin Charities and The Mater Foundation.

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