Crafted Cocktails

Caramel Cold Brew

A cold version of our Irish coffee and a variation on the classic and popular espresso martini. Spice of the whiskey shines through the bitterness of the stout and sweetness of the salted caramel.

Caramel Cold Brew

  • 35 ml Teeling Small Batch
  • 10 ml Salted Caramel Syrup
  • 50 ml Stout
  • 10 ml Cold Brew

how to make a Caramel Cold Brew

Step 1: Chill a large coupe glass with ice
Step 2: Add all ingredients into shaker and shake hard
Step 3: Strain into small shaker and dry shake hard
Step 4: Toss ice in glass and double strain
Step 5: Garnish with chocolate powder

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