Crafted Cocktails

Caramel Cold Brew

At Teeling Whiskey we like to be inspired by the past but confident enough to forge a new future. So with the Caramel Cold Brew we've taken inspiration from the famous Irish Coffee and the Espresso Martini to comeup with a unique take on both.

Caramel Cold Brew

  • 40 ml Teeling Small Batch
  • 10 ml Brown Sugar Syrup (50% Sugar, 50% Hot Water)
  • 20 ml Cold Brew Coffee
  • 30 ml Stout/Porter

how to make a Caramel Cold Brew

Step 1: Chill a large coupe glass with ice
Step 2: Add all ingredients into shaker and shake hard
Step 3: Remove ice from glass
Step 4: Strain into glass

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