Crafted Cocktails

Teeling Irish Coffee

Teeling take on the classic Irish Coffee. The use of our rum cask finished Teeling Small Batch and sugar syrup give this classic drink a unique Teeling touch.

Teeling Irish Coffee

  • 40ml Teeling Small Batch
  • 10ml Brown Sugar Syrup (50% Sugar, 50% Hot Water)
  • 120ml Fresh Coffee
  • Double Cream

how to make a Teeling Irish Coffee

Step 1: Preheat glass with warm water and discard
Step 2: Add the Teeling Whiskey, brown sugar syrup, brewed coffee and stir to combine
Step 3: Warm a large spoon and gently pour the cream over the back of the spoon ad onto the coffee
Step 4: Optional: Garnish with a light dusting of grated nutmeg

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