Paint the Town Green with Teeling Whiskey this St. Patrick’s Day

We are Painting the Town Green this St. Patrick’s Day with Teeling Whiskey! This year we will be running special events at our award-winning distillery in Dublin to kick start the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. We will be running a special tour and tasting with an Irish Coffee Masterclass along with a fantastic food and whiskey pairing with local deli Tir. However, if you can’t make it, see below for our list of tailored Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day pairings, serves and offerings that can help you celebrate Ireland’s patron saint from the comfort of your own home over the next few weeks.
Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Cheese Pairing

teeling whiskey cheeseboard pairing
Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Cheese Pairing

Bring the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day experience to your home with a whiskey and cheese pairing. Here are some recommended Teeling Whiskey and cheese pairings for you to enjoy! We would advise accompanying the below with crispbread, rye/soda bread/ whole wheat crackers & dried fruits!

Teeling Small Batch – Best paired with a Brie or Camembert (something with a creamy or sweet mouthfeel)

Teeling Single Grain – Best paired with a Mature Cheddar, Emmental or Beaufort (something with a drier texture and full body)

Teeling Single Malt – Best paired with a sharp aged Cheddar, Blue Cheese or Goats cheese (heavy, bold flavours)


Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Pairing

teeling whiskey chocolate pairing
Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Pairing

Always one of the most popular tastings in the Teeling Distillery is our famous Teeling Whiskey X Chocolate pairing. See below how we would recommend pairing our Irish whiskeys with a selection of dark chocolates!

Teeling Small Batch – Dark Chocolate (70-75%) with Sea Salt flavourings. Example.

Teeling Single Grain – Dark Chocolate (70%) with toasted coconut and/or fruits and/or caramel notes. Example.

Teeling Single Malt – Dark Chocolate (75-80%) with ripe/red fruit and dark spices. Example.

Let us know how you get on with these pairings by tagging us and using the hashtag #SpiritOfDublin on Social Media!


Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Beer Pairing

teeling whiskey beer pairing
Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Beer Pairing

It wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without a few beers! Here’s the perfect way to pair your Teeling Whiskeys with a selection of beers. Cheers!

Small Batch – Pale Ale, Citra IPA, New England IPA. Our bar staff recommend our latest collaboration with local brewers DOT Brew.

Single Grain – Irish Red Ale, Kettle Sour (elderberry, hibiscus, grapes), Soft Lager.

Single Malt – Barrel Aged Stout/ Porter, Imperial Stout, Double IPA, Saison.
Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

This St. Patrick’s Day we will have some tasty Teeling Cocktails to celebrate in style. At our Distillery Bang Bang Bar we will be mixing up some Irish Coffees made the Dublin Way and our new Paint the Town Green cocktail! Using our Teeling Small Batch, Herbal Liqueur, apple juice and ginger, this tasty cocktail brings out all the best flavours of our Teeling Small Batch! We have an easy recipe below for you to make in the comfort of your own home. See our simple recipe below! #Teelingathome

1 measure Teeling Small Batch

Fill halfway with fresh apple juice

Top up with ginger beer

Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Merch

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we’ve added some St. Patrick’s Day items to our online shop to make you look the part on the big day!
We have a number of St. Patrick’s Day Merch and Gifting options available on our online shop now for a limited time only. Grab them now before they sell out. Available here!

Teeling Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Merch

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